Larry is our president, and has been in the condo management business for over twenty years. He graduated with a BA and MBA in finance from Rutgers University. He is also a Certified Manager of Community Associations, and an Association Management Specialist. That is besides being a licensed real estate broker. Larry has the tools and experience to handle any and every sort of condominium association.

His dedicated and professional personality, has earned him the trust of all his clients, and the loyalty of his colleagues and employees. He enjoys athletic recreation and does extensive triathlon training every weekend. Larry is also a committed member of the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey.

Joseph has joined the Atlantic Management team in 2014, he merged his existing successful real estate business, with ATMGT in order to increase our resources and revenue. His vast experience in rehabilitating low-income neighborhoods, to high-income, is key to expansion. Being a realty owner in New Jersey for over 20 years, Joseph knows all the ins and outs of property management.

In 2014, Lillian Ramirez completed her 21st year as office manager with the Atlantic Management team. Lillian is highly-valued by many community association members for her warm and responsible approach to customer relations.
Kathy is our senior property manager with multiple large developments under her care. Since joining us in 2006, Kathy has proven to be an excellent manager for associations that needed special care and attention. Her communication skills and can-do attitude, made her the success that she is by us.
Tatyana is in her seventh year as senior bookkeeper at Atlantic Management. She is multi-lingual, extremely detail-oriented, and the most valued bookkeeper in Atlantic’s history.

A hard working and goal oriented manager, Meir oversees close to 800 units. He is a people pleaser and gets along with everyone. There is never a complication that Meir cannot solve by the end of the day, and with a smile on his face. The unit owners as well as the superintendents all have only high praise for his work.

Erica is the youngest member of our team, her energy and ambition, is a boon to our office. She is a go-getter who always gets the job done, no matter the odds. She graduated with a BS in Business administration from Ramapo College, her education shows through in her business acumen and professionalism.

Akiva is a specialist in Real Estate finance. Managing big company finances for since the 1990s. His pleasant and easy-going demeanor, is rivaled only by his immense knowledge of the financial world.


Atlantic Management was built on a foundation of customer satisfaction. Since the early 90s we worked diligently to provide quality care and professional service for the homeowner community in New Jersey. Lafayette management was also started in the early 90s, and focused on management for residential and commercial properties. After over two decades of accomplishing divergent paths, they have merged to bring forth a mega-management conglomerate, which can handle both condominiums and rentals with success.

They have now garnered the admiration of both clients and governing bodies as one of the foremost management firms in New Jersey. They have been selected by the courts to become rent receivers on countless properties, which is a testament to the trust they have in the community.

Atlantic Management empowers condominium and property owners to increase their investment value through cost-effective, environmental and responsible management.

Atlantic was recently awarded the management of a prestigious condominium community in North Bergen on Kennedy Blvd. The board’s choice was based on Atlantic’s proactive approach to repairs and maintenance. Soon afterward, Atlantic Management oversaw board elections, located and repaired the parking garage, and developed a schedule to address deferred maintenance.

In both 2013 and 2014, Atlantic Management was named by the Superior Court of New Jersey as the designated Rent Receiver for ten condominium associations. As Rent Receiver, Atlantic can collect the rent from tenants whose landlords owe large amounts of back dues. The collected rent is a major help in funding associations and improving their bank accounts.

Finally, Atlantic aided one of their co-ops in West New York with a mortgage refinancing, netting the property nearly three million dollars and saving the co-op thousands of dollars annually.

The team at Atlantic Management has decades of experience in property management and includes CPAs, as well as legal support from attorneys specializing in Condominium and Real Estate law.
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Atlantic Management offers a flexible approach to each properties' needs. We customize our programs to suit each building's requirements, providing bundled services including maintenance programs, safety audits, and after hours emergency support for situations that require rapid response. 
Interactive Communication Atlantic Management offers a 24/7 answering system for the dispatch of service providers and emergency response when required, as well as follow-up contact to ensure satisfactory resolution.
Collections We maintain a consistent collection policy to commence late fees, notices, foreclosures, and evictions with our extensive expertise in New Jersey law and retinue of attorneys specialized in condo collections, tenancy actions, and real estate.
Owner Relations Our dedicated property managers are engaged with both owners and association board members.We work in concert with service providers including supers, janitorial services, plumbers, and electricians to guarantee prompt response.
Cash Management Atlantic Management’s financial system enables daily payments and credits. We retain sufficient funds in your checking account, and can provide payment overviews, check register reports, and summaries for any contractor, service, or expense.
Administrative Services Atlantic manages records for all documents including financial, taxes, government reports and insurance requirements. We schedule and prepare all materials for condominium association board members.
Financial & Management Reports All properties receive regular and fully-customizable account summaries that include balance sheet statements, budget performance, detailed revenue and expense reports, cash management and collections.
Atlantic Management is committed to taking your property further.
To discover the Atlantic Management difference, call or email us to speak directly with our team. We're ready when you are.

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